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Friday; October 27

Through the years I have had to opportunity to work with audio and video media and I learned a couple of things: First, it is not as glamorous as it might appear and, second, I am thankful for the digital age because when film and tape were involved the process was a whole lot more difficult (and I know that because I messed up a lot). All-in-all, I think I would much rather do something live because once it is done it is done – with recorded media we strive for perfection and never attain it. In fact, when I get into a negative emotional cycle I almost expect to make a mistake which causes me to lose concentration and guess what – I mess it up. Even when I get a usable recording it is easy to find the flaws.
          The reason I bring this up is to expose the critical nature of humanity. While we all know that no one is perfect, it is tempting to expect it, then be disappointed when we don’t get it. Interestingly, this is something we do both with ourselves and others. Ha…