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Tuesday; April 2

There are things that I may not like about some of the political leaders in our nation, but one thing that I wish I could emulate is their conviction.  I wish I was as committed to my cause and had as much confidence in my ability as they do in theirs.  By the time a person gets to that level of national exposure they have proven their ability to overcome their critics and have found a way to keep moving forward in spite of what people say about them.           As I got to thinking about our national politicians it got me to thinking about how our lives and our religion could be changed if we had as much faith in our mission and as much confidence in our message as do they.  When we are trying to reach out to others with the message of Christianity, we tend to take personal slights or disagreements so personally that when they happen we back down from the conflict.  How much of a difference would it make if we stayed as committed to our ministry as others do to their agenda? …