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Tuesday; October 8

Charles Lindbergh was a rock start even before there was Rock and Roll!  When he traversed the Atlantic Ocean between New York and Paris in 1927 he became a national hero and an international star.  To be able to accomplish this feat Lindbergh had to be forward-thinking and living on the edge, so I was a bit surprised when I read this quote, “More and more, as civilization develops, we find the primitive to be essential to us. We root into the primitive as a tree roots into the earth. If we cut off the roots, we lose the sap without which we can't progress or even survive. I don't believe our civilization can continue very long out of contact with the primitive.”.  I am not exactly sure of the context of the statement but it seems to be out of character for a man who pushed the envelope to advocate ties to the origins – or does it? Too often, in the interest of promoting progress, we neglect to look back at the basics of our existence.  It almost seems like we are so focused on…