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Monday; June 11

The other day Jeane and I were talking about stereotypes.  If you would have asked us several years ago, we would have thought that by the time we got to 2018, we wouldn’t have to be discussing stereotypes – we would be well beyond the issue and dealing with people on an individual level.  Well, as you might imagine, we aren’t there yet.  I believe we have made progress in may areas, but one place where we are lacking is in people’s perspective of Christians.  Contrary to some beliefs, not all “Christians” believe the same thing.  Though the years I have been criticized for my Christian beliefs just because someone had a negative opinion about what someone else (who identified as a Christian) believed.  I didn’t believe what the other person believed, but because we are all perceived to be alike, I was lumped in with an opinion I didn’t share.  A lot of good people have been misunderstood and discredited – not because of their personal beliefs – but because they were mislabe…