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Wednesday; February 28

One of the more common approaches to leadership these days is mentorship, but have we ever given much thought to what it means and how to go about doing it?  Often, as leaders, we are open to being mentors but we grow discouraged when people don’t seek us out for mentoring.  Have we ever thought that we might be missing out on mentoring opportunities because we are waiting to be asked rather than taking a proactive approach and reaching out to people we’d like to lead?  Yes, I realize that it can be appear to be a bit arrogant to ask someone if they’d like us to mentor them, but this is where our good reputation pays off – if we have lived lives of service, our offer will be perceived as supportive not manipulative. Once we develop a mentoring relationship, what should we do?  I think there are four steps to mentoring: 1).  Invite our mentees to go out with us as we do what we do.  Let them know when we are going to be active and encourage them to join us. 2).  Show them what we do.  The…