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Monday; February 11

It seems like one sure way to alienate just about everyone around you is to start a conversation about religion and/or politics.  If we begin to broach either one of these topics, some people will become animated in defending their point – but, most people will just quietly slink away into the shadows.  The sad thing is that these two topics can be interesting – and at least one of them is vital to our eternal existence.            So, if we would like to discuss religion and politics (and if we feel like we need to discuss them) how do we go about doing it?  Here are a few suggestions: 1.  If we want to talk about religion and politics, don’t start off talking about religion and politics.  Before we carry on a conversation about deeply held beliefs we may need to “practice” with each other on less divisive issues.  By building a rapport and trust on other subjects, we will be more apt to discuss controversial topics more amiably. 2.  If we want to talk about religion and poli…