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Thursday; December 20

What do we do when one of our subordinates receives credit for doing a good job?  How do we respond when a contemporary of ours does a better job than we do and gets the praise they deserve?  How do we respond when our spouse gets rave reviews from our children when we do the same thing (or even more things) and barely get a “thank you”?           Most all of us face a sense of dissonance when others are recognized for their accomplishments.  On one hand, we are grateful that they are getting the attention they deserve, but on the other hand we may feel a little envious that we aren’t appreciated.  While we may be pleased that the people we have trained are successful, there might be a fear that they could end up being a little too good and take our place.           A human approach to recognition can lead to hurt feelings and alienation in our relationships, but when we take on the role of a true leader we can reduce the negative impact these situations can have on us.  When …