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Wednesday; August 15

One of the neat things about this time of year is the Little League World Series.You don’t have to be much of a baseball fan to get sucked into the charm of this international competition.Young people (children) with a love for baseball are surrounded by some great traditions of the game.I believe this is a special event because at the heart of this amateur exhibition is a blend of talent and sportsmanship. As I watched a game the other day I was reminded that these pre-teens had a mental concept of the game that was not always matched by their physical ability.They had been taught where to throw the ball, but they couldn’t always get their bodies to make the throw in time to get the runner.They knew the correct positioning for fielding a grounder, but sometimes the small gap between position and coordination resulted in an error.Ironically, those human imperfections may be what makes the game so pure and enjoyable. When I was watching the game I got to thinking about how the dilemma of…