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Monday; April 9

Okay ... it is time for a test.This isn’t timed, but you can only rely on your own knowledge to come up with the answers – no calculators and no “googling”.Here goes: 1.What is the smallest Asian country? 2.What is 8237 x 234? 3.Who is Billy Sample? 4.What is the highest point in the state of Florida? How did you do?In all honesty it is possible for someone to come up with all the correct answers, but it is pretty doubtful.If there was someone who could answer all these questions, we might think they were pretty smart, wouldn’t we?We place a lot of stock in people who are intelligent.We tend to show deference to them when making decisions, so why is it that we have so much trouble following God’s Word?Not only can He answer all of the preceding questions, but He can even answer the bonus question – how many hairs do I have on my head.For some reason, we tend to trust the knowledge of mankind over the insight of God, yet the truth of the matter is simple, “... the foolishness of God is wise…