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Monday; June 18

While on vacation last week I opened my car door and struck the mirror/turn signal on the vehicle next to me.  As I looked at the other vehicle I found a minor scratch on the turn signal lens which I may (or may not) have caused.   Now, here is where my story gets personal – what should I do?  I wish that I could say that I came to a quick and decisive decision, but I don’t want to add lying to the mix.  I thought about walking away because, after all, there wasn’t substantial damage (if any), but then words like integrity, civility and neighborly came to mind.  At this point the emotional challenge wasn’t as much about “was I going to get caught” or “am I civilly liable for the damage” as much as it was “what was the most right thing to do”.   Again, I would love to be able to say that I immediately took the highest ground, but it took me some emotional processing to get to where I felt comfortable leaving a note on the car.  Sure, had there been immediately visible damage,…