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Thursday; September 21

Through the years I have been blessed with great jobs that have provided me with some fun, exciting and fulfilling times.  Yet, in each of my jobs there have been occasions when I realized that things are not as good as they could be.  Some of these moments were just passing thoughts while other times had a significant impact on my emotional well-being.  Each time I was confronted with these realizations I had to make one of three choices:  I could accept things as they were, I could try to change them or I could leave and find employment elsewhere.  Through the decades I have made each of these choices and those decisions have shaped me into who I am and led me to what I am doing. In an interesting parallel there are times in our personal lives when we will be called to confront this same issue – times when we realize that life is not going as well as it could be.  While these realizations force us to confront the issue, unlike the challenges of employment, in our personal lives we on…