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Wednesday; January 22

Suicide is one of the most uncomfortable topics in our society.  Death is never pretty, but when it is self-inflicted it can add a layer of uncertainty and, with some surviving friends or family, a sense of shame or guilt.  While suicide is an individual decision made by a person with the ultimate power over their own body, there are some things that can be done by outsiders to assist a potentially suicidal person: 1.  Listen – Most people who attempt or complete suicide give clues to the seriousness of their struggles.  They may be very obvious, but often they are much more subtle.  The keys are personal involvement in the lives of others, a perceptive nature and the ability to effectively communicate with the people around us.  Communication at this level doesn’t start with the ability to “talk them out of their choice”, rather it is the ability to “listen for indicators of their struggles”. 2.  Presence – I do know of a few cases where people have taken their own lives with people ar…