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Tuesday; November 5

If you have ever had to communicate with someone who speaks a different language you realize how difficult it is to have an understanding of what is being said.  Isn’t it great that when we come across those who speak “our language” because we have a general belief that they will be able to understand each other.  The problem is that even though we have a common language we may or may not define similar words in similar ways.  Some words may sound the same but have different meanings.  To take this a step further, some words may have a similar meaning, but are open to individual interpretation.  Take, for example, the word “humble”.  To some, this word has the negative connotation of being meek to the point of being downtrodden, but not everyone shares that understanding.  To many of us, humility is the ability to truly understand ourselves in light of our physical and spiritual environment.  It isn’t about being “milk toast”, it is about being mature.  It is about making a choice to …