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Monday; May 14

Recently, I was reading about the 1824 United States presidential election in biography of a Henry Clay written by David and Jeanne Heidler.  As the Heidlers analyzed the politics of the day they made an interesting comment about the shenanigans of Thurlow Weed, a politician from New York.  According to the Heidlers “Weed intuitively knew that in politics the audacious lie is always the best one.”.  As I read this statement I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been written about modern politics, but I got to thinking about how far-reaching this statement can be in every aspects of our lives – especially spiritually.  When it comes to the disagreement between God-fearers and those who don’t believe in God, the debate is not waged by arguing the finer points of things like religion and science.  There is such a large gap between the two camps that one side or the other is telling an audacious lie.  Sure, we might be able to disagree about the nuances of moral or ethical standar…