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Friday; July 13

I know that you heard about it on the news – but, sure enough, the other day I saved the life of one of God’s creatures!As I walked out of my house I felt something moving on my leg and looked down to discover a Daddy Longlegs was latched on for a free ride.While I was a little bit startled, I reached down and tossed him aside (yes, he was all intact).However, before I let him go, I explained to him that this was his lucky day ... had someone else found him, his fate would have been much different.This may make me sound big and brave, but the truth of the matter is that spiders and snakes don’t bother me, but if it had been a mouse, the whole neighborhood would have heard about it and there would have been one less rodent in the world. The point to this story is simple – have you noticed how we can be scared by some of the smallest critters in the world?We are much bigger than bugs and other creepy-crawly things, but they are the ones with the upper hand when we interact with them.Have…