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Wednesday; November 29

I am sure there has always been an natural uneasiness between those who enforce the law and the citizens of a community.  Often, even generally law-abiding citizens have an uneasiness around officers and deputies. (Have you noticed all the brake lights light up even when an unoccupied police car is in the area?)  While there has been a history of conflict between law enforcement and the community, it seems like things are getting more intense these days?  My question is “Why?”.  Is it because the criminal justice system is corrupt or is it because people just don’t like the laws on the books and the face of those laws are people who enforcement them?  Often, those who write legislation are perceived to exist in some faceless isolated environment, so we take out our dislike of the law on those who enforce it? I realize that I am opening a can of worms with this discussion, but this seems to be a natural bridge to a parallel issue involving the perception of Christians and the church in …