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Tuesday; September 3

I wish that I could tell you that this is going to be a safe and uneventful school year for all of our children, but if I did, I am afraid it would be wishful thinking at best and ignorance at worst.  Even when we didn’t have the prevalence of school violence there were instances of children being placed in danger by the actions of others.  While this is a concern in today’s society, I think there is something even more challenging than stranger danger – it is the peril our children place themselves in by making bad choices or choosing bad companions.  Sure, random acts of violence occur periodically throughout the year, but an even more common occurrence is when young people hang out with the wrong crowd or participate in risky behaviors that carry negative consequences.  Active shooters and bullying have become hot topics in today’s world, but the greatest day to day danger lies in not making good, moral choices. I am not convinced that we need to send our children off to school with…