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Monday; February 25

I have been singing Charles Gabriel’s hymn, “Send The Light”, most of my life but as we sang it this past Sunday I was struck by the verse that encourages, “Let us pray that grace may everywhere abound, ‘Send the Light!Send the Light!’.And a Christlike spirit everywhere be found, ‘Send the Light!Send the Light!’”.The first thing that I typically think of in the word “grace” is the mercy that God has shown us, but as I reflected on this song it struck me that the grace mentioned here isn’t necessarily God’s grace, it is the grace that we show one another.The follow-up phrase encourages us to show a Christlike spirit ... in other words, being willing to love and serve one another. It is easy to get caught up in the world’s self-centered focus, but the true Christlike spirit is one that treats all people with graciousness as well as love.Not only is it the right thing for us to do, in reality, it is the only way for us “send the light”.Success in evangelism has its roots in truth, but th…