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Thursday; September 7

We live in an incredible time of communication … we’ll let me rephrase that … we have a lot of ways to express ourselves these days.  Whether it is with unlimited talk and text, social media or just good old fashioned chit chat, we have ample opportunities to communicate, but how effective are we?           Most of us are very good about saying what we think, but, that is just one part of the formula.  If we are going to be effective communicators we have to be willing to listen.  Listening isn’t just taking the time to catch our next breath or even politely waiting our turn to talk (which is even becoming a lost art in the loud and pushy society).   Listening is even more than waiting to hear what the other person has to say, it is wanting to hear what the other person has to say.  Listening is the ability to draw out the words and emotions of others so that we can understand where they are.  Listening is being engaged through verbal and non-verbal ways so that others know we care abo…