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Friday; September 28

A couple of Sundays ago Jeane and I were in Mexico and we decided that we wanted to attend worship.Typically, we enjoy worshiping with local congregations when we travel, but we quickly learned that this was going to be an interesting experience.While we have tried to learn a few phases that can help us order food or find the beach, our Spanish is pretty limited and we were faced with attending an all-Spanish-speaking assembly.On one hand we knew it was going to be a challenge, but we were also excited about being exposed to some new and different.As the service progressed we could pick up on few of the melodies and follow-along in our English Bibles.We were even excited when we would whisper to each other a phrase or two that we could translate.At the end of our time with our Mexican brethren, we were glad to have been there! My point in this observation is to make a simple point – we can get something out of any service dedicated to worshiping God!Have you ever heard someone leave a …