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Tuesday; October 17

I believe that autumn is my favorite time of the year.  I enjoy the coolness of the mornings, the colors of the fall flowers and beauty of the foliage.  I like seeing that the animals are a bit more active.  There is just something special about this time of year.  Isn’t interesting that there is a pattern to be noticed about the fall?  Sure, there are some years when the temperatures aren’t quite as cool or when the leaves are a bit more colorful, but all-in-all the things that happen this time of year are dependable.  There are some people who will advocate that nature is at the heart of this consistency, but that raises the question, “Where did nature come from?”.  Several people have theorized various reasons for our natural world, but to me, the simple answer is that God created nature in the beginning.  He is the reason we can depend upon the reliability of the world.   Are there natural anomalies that periodically pop up (like hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes)?  Su…