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Monday; November 19

Which is more important in a conversation – facts or feelings?  I would imagine that each of us would have our own opinion about this, but let me throw out an alternative answer of “it depends”.  It depends where I am in the discussion.  If we are discussing something that doesn’t really cause me much pain or angst, facts are probably more important, but when the focus is on something that creates a major emotional response inside me, then feelings take precedence.  It might be something as insignificant as to where my favorite college football team is ranked or something as complex as social issues, but there are typically two thoughts on the matter – one based on empirical evidence, the other rooted in emotions.           If we really stopped to think about it, most of us would naturally come to this conclusion, but the reason I bring it up is that too often we don’t honor this conflict in our discussions.  When husbands and wives argue – how often is it escalated by the fa…