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Tuesday; March 19

The other day I was reading a book by John C. Maxwell where he quoted another writer, Bob Moawad.  Maxwell’s book focuses on ... well, focus.  The concept is that if we are going to live successful lives, we must have a purposed life.  To demonstrate one of his points, Maxwell refers to Moawad’s observation, “Most people don’t aim too high and miss.  They aim too low and hit.”.  In essence, we have become deadly accurate in our mediocrity.  We don’t expect much from ourselves and we achieve it time and again.           As I reflected on this I kept coming back to the concept that “good enough” is “good enough” or as a friend of mine used to say, “If the minimum wasn’t good enough there wouldn’t be a minimum”.  The problem with setting a minimum standard and reaching it is that with each new effort we might be tempted to keep lowering the bar.  Since we are the ones who typically set our own goals, we are apt to save the stress and strain of failing to achieve greatness by mer…