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Monday; July 23

Have we lost our ability to say “No!”?I realize we live in the freest time in history, but have you noticed how difficult it has become to confidently and civilly say “No”? The other day I was watching a new story about a national firm that put pressure on their employees to sell more and more, so they began to try to coerce their clients to buy more and more.While the story focused on the problem with pressure-driven sales, I began to wonder how much of it rested with our inability to make up our minds and stick with a decision.When the vacation getaway people pester us to “upgrade” our reservations or the tele-markers call us can we just say “No, thank you.”?When someone tries to overpower our will on political or social issues can we just say, “No, I disagree with that.” and move on?When someone turns on the pressure to become involved in an illicit sexual relationship are we committed enough to say “No!”?Please don’t misunderstand my point, I am not advocating that we con…