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Tuesday; July 30

Are we feeling overwhelmed?Do we feel like everything around us is going crazy and there is nothing we can do about it?Do we ever wonder how anything else can go wrong – and then live in fear that it will?At some point most of us feel like the world is beating us up and we really don’t know what to do about it.We feel weak, we feel powerless, we just don’t know where to turn.So, what can we do? These types of feelings can be devastating and I wish I had a quick, foolproof program; but about the best I can do is make a few suggestions: 1.Do your best to slow down your world.Take deep breathes when you feel anxious.Be deliberate when making decisions.Delay insignificant issues to focus on the important ones. 2.Find someone to talk with.We don’t have to deal with life on our own.There are good people who care and who are willing to work with you.When looking for someone to help, find a person who is more apt to listen to you process your thoughts and less likely to give advice. 3.Make notes …