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Tuesday; September 5

There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from Hurricane Harvey, but one of the most personal is “perspective”.  While you might think that I am referring to being appreciative for the blessing of good weather and safety – and those are valuable lessons – there are a couple of other things that came to mind.  One of the lessons comes from a baseball game – or more accurately, a series of baseball games that were supposed to be played in Houston last week.  The Astros and Rangers were supposed to play three games in Houston, but the flooding forced a change of venue.  There was a lot of give and take about the best way to handle the logistics and eventually Major League Baseball stepped in and scheduled the games in Tampa.  Interestingly, the lesson to be learned wasn’t about compromise, it was about perspective.  Astros fans felt shorted by the Rangers because of their proposal and Ranger’s fans weren’t pleased with the Astros’ counter offers.  Each side had good and bad points t…