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Friday; February 15

When we think about our church service, what comes to mind?I am sure that some people automatically would think about praise and worship; but, for others of us, we end up processing a lot of collateral information.“Going to church” involves having to be somewhere on time, getting children ready, adjusting daily schedules and trying to be in the right frame of mind when we walk in the doors.For those who are very active in their participation in worship it might involve hours of preparation for a particular responsibility they have for that day.In other words, as odd as it might seem, going to church can end up being a stress-filled activity! While there are requirements for our collective assemblies that must be met and an attitude about our worship that should be maintained, what would happen if we reworked our attitude about our public assemblies?What if we started thinking about how much we REALLY wanted to go to church?King David seemed to have an incredible love for prai…