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Thursday; January 25

I am not altogether convinced that each one of us has one unique, individual calling to fulfill in life.  In fact, I am not even sure that what I am called to do today is the same thing I was being led to do twenty years ago nor will it be what I will be expected to do ten years from now.  While I do believe that God has plans and  directions for all of our lives (and equips us to accomplish those goals), I am not sold on the fact that once we accomplish our goal or find our place that we can comfortably settle in with a sense of achievement.  Who knows, maybe we have merely completed one step in the process taking us to a greater calling. Whether we are just beginning our quest or actively searching out the crowing apex of our mountain top, one of the most compelling questions we can ask ourselves is “How do I know where I should be going and what I should be doing?”.  A few of us might be honed in on a detailed life-plan, but most of us experience some type of doubt about where our l…