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Wednesday; April 3

On January 7, 1993 Betty Dun Sommers was shot and killed in robbery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Betty was an officer for the Baton Rouge Police Department and the single mother of six children.  One of those young people left without a maternal influence was Warwick Dunn.  After completing a standout high school football and track career, Warwick went on to star at Florida State University and became a very good NFL player.   I am impressed with what Warwick was able to do on the football field, but the thing that impresses me even more is what he has been able to do as a person.  Rather than allowing his mother’s ambush derail his potential, he translated that tragedy an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  Since 1997 the Warwick Dunn Charities have helped furnish 168 homes and touched over 450 lives.  Their motto, “Help us give a hand up” captures their belief that through home furnishings, financial assistance and educational support, they can make a difference…