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Thursday; March 1

I have a question for you ... why do we ask questions?  Now, in the interest of full-disclosure, I am setting you up!  The superficial answer to “why do we ask questions” is to gain information from another person, but is that really why we ask questions?  There are several reasons to ask questions:  Some people use questions to bait someone into a debate.  Others ask questions to make another person appear foolish (because they know they can’t answer the question).  Some ask questions as a way to begin to teach a lesson by helping put people in a contemplative frame of mind.  And, yes, sometimes we ask questions because we want to gather information. I began thinking about this question question while watching the coverage of the Florida school shooting.  I noticed that a lot of questions were being asked – not to gather information – but, to promote an agenda.  The questioner knew exactly how the other person was going to respond before they asked the question so they were able to ma…