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Tuesday; October 15

As we read through the news these days there are a lot of opinions, but one fact is for certain – honesty has taken a hit.  Whether it is in the national debate or in the simple world of interpersonal relationships we are struggling with telling the truth.  There are times the truth is sacrificed for political or financial gain, then there are other times it is avoided to spare the feelings of our friends, family and neighbors.  Either way, we are tempted to either overtly lie or cover up the truth with a “fib”; but the fact is that honesty is not always the premier policy. While the ability to tell the truth should be simple, it doesn’t always work that way.  So, how can we be more truthful?  Here are a few suggestions: 1.  Know the truth before speaking.  There are some people who blatantly lie about things, but often truth is sacrificed at the expense of speculation or innuendo.  Before we make a comment, let’s know the facts. 2.  Filter our responses before speaking.  There are times…