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Tuesday; September 18

What did you want to be when you grew up?For me, it was probably a toss-up between a major league baseball player, astronaut or professional skin-diver like Mike Nelson (in Sea Hunt).There comes a point in time when maturity takes over and our focus becomes a bit more realistic.For some of us, when this kicks in we begin to look close to home for our mentors and role models.Many young men start to watch their fathers and consider following in their footsteps.Often, young ladies, will consider the paths their mothers took – whether as a stay-at-home mom or in a career path outside the family.Sure, other people can (and will) have an influence on our lives, but for a period of time the influence of our parents is felt. Have we ever given much thought to the way our Heavenly Father can influence our labors?No, we won’t be able to follow in God’s footsteps as Creator and Sustainer of the universe, but we might learn about how to live our lives from Him.When the Apostle John considered mank…