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Monday; July 29

Most of us learn how to talk at an early age – that isn’t the problem – the issue is learning how to communicate effectively.Our problem isn’t grasping the vocabulary that has the ability to convey meaning, it is controlling our emotion to correctly convey it appropriately.Some of us are too leery to speak our minds because we are afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings.Others are too caustic in our approach to care about other people’s feelings.Isn’t it interesting that even though it is something we do for many years, we tend to struggle with communication. The other day I was sitting in a communication class when I heard some really good advice – say what you mean, mean what you say; but never say it in a mean way.Our words should be truthful, full of value and delivered in such a way that others know that we care about them.We don’t water-down important concepts, we don’t overwhelm other people – we communicate what we need to say in a caring way.Centuries ago, King David observe…