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Tuesday; December 5

It has been said that “those who can’t do, teach”.  I don’t know the origin of this phrase; but, the implication is that once we have outlived our usefulness about all that is left is to try to pass on our wisdom and opportunities to others.  When we consider leadership and training from this perspective is it any wonder that we hang on to our opportunities with all of our might – often beyond the time of our effective date?.  In the Business World this is often referred to as part of the “Peter Principle”; but, a better illustration might come from our refrigerators.  How many of us are like milk cartons that hang around past their expiration dates?  At best, we tend to stink up the place and at worst we often leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.  What would happen if we welcomed transition?  Rather than being focused on “doing” until we become ineffective, how much better would we be if we were willing to help others develop the talents they need to take our organizations to the ne…