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Wednesday; September 4

When I was a youngster growing up on the coasts of Florida, I gained an appreciation of and an interest in hurricanes at an early age.I remember following the hurricane reports through the media (which consisted of a few local radio stations, a couple television stations and a local newspaper).One early lesson I learned was that hurricanes were temperamental and unpredictable “creatures” that seemed to have a mind of their own.About the time it seemed like their path had been predicted and projected something would happen that would leave one area breathing a sigh of relief and causing another locale scrambling to make last minute preparations.About all we could do was stay prepared and respond if and when the storm came in our direction. As I have watched Hurricane Dorian the last few days I have been taken back to the lessons of my youth.The initial projection in strength and direction wasn’t where it ended up.Some people who acted early ended up having nothing to worry about while o…