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Tuesday; September 25

I am usually pretty good about keeping the lawn mowed.  I like cutting the grass, but beyond that I realize that if I don’t stay on top of it, it will continue to grow and I will have a real mess on my hands.  Well, after being gone for several days – and with several days of rain – I have a bit of a problem.  My lawn is alive and well and on the verge of becoming overwhelming.  My most natural response is to ignore it and hope that it will take care of itself (I mean, it’s got to freeze sometime soon doesn’t it), but I know that doesn’t make sense.  The longer I delay the worse it is going to get! I share this because, even though few of us would use the logic of delay on our lawns, we are tempted to use it on real life problems.  When confronted with personal  issues or failings we are tempted to want to just ignore them in hopes that they will heal themselves.  We ignore personality conflicts expecting them to get better with time.  We put off fixing an addiction in hopes that the c…