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Thursday; February 1

Very few days go by that I don’t receive some type of “wonderful offer” in my email or through a voice message.  I have won countless contests, I have been chosen to collect and distribute funds for some crown prince of an African country, I have been selected to have a seemingly unlimited amount of credit and I believe that I may have won a free cruise and all-expense paid vacation.  If I am so fortunate, why am I still having to work for a living?  I mean, with all these things going for me, wouldn’t you think that I could have reaped the benefits of my good fortune and spending the winters on an island somewhere?  While the questions are tongue-in-cheek, the answer is very real – these offers are deceptive.  They are schemes to get me to fall under a fraudulent spell so that someone can misuse me and/or my resources.  Most of us know this and do our best to protect ourselves from these imposters. Now that we are in agreement about shams, let me ask another question – why are we so q…