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Monday; May 7

Unless you listen to Bluegrass music, you probably haven’t heard it, but the other day I came across one of the best song titles ever – A Hard Life Makes A Good Song.The song is okay, but the name is great.Growing up listing to County and Bluegrass music I can appreciate the spirit of the title – the worse the story, the better the song.Most of the classic songs were based upon the fact that somebody somewhere did something wrong!In a lot of cases, the sadder the tale, the higher the song rose on the charts.
While a hard life might make a good song, it still makes a hard life.I don’t know about you, but the easier I can make it on myself the better off I am.I may like listening to songs recounting tales of woe – but honestly, I enjoy times when things are good and life is easy (or at least easier).How do we make for an easier life: 1.Make good decisions.We can learn a lot of lessons by making wrong choices, but if we are looking to make things go easier it often starts by being smart.Th…