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Monday; January 13

I am about to make a statement that will come across as incredibly over simplistic, but – if you hang in there with me – it might prompt some thought.  Ready? Here goes.  The future is something that hasn’t happened yet.  (I told you it was simple.)  While it is almost laughable in its simplicity, it also has a deeper side to it.  You see, since the future hasn’t happened, we have the option of how we will deal with it.  We can fear it and be pessimistic about what might happen or we can embrace it and live lives in optimistic hope.  Now, having established the factual basis for our statement, here is the real question – why are so many of us living in fear?  Since we are the ones who have the choice, why are we so willing to expect the worst?           I realize there are some people who don’t have a clue what we are discussing, but there are many more of us who overthink things to the point of worrying ourselves to death.  Others consider potential outcomes and are inclined…