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Monday; August 7

One of my favorite euphemisms for things being out of whack refers to the tail wagging the dog (as opposed to the dog wagging the tail).  While I have seen puppies whose whole bodies seem to be vibrating from a tail being wagged in excitement, the way things are supposed to work is that the tail is an extension of the dog and, as such, the dog controls the tail.    The reason for the analysis of this saying is that there appears to be temptation for tail-wagging in our spiritual lives.   One of the more common challenges among today’s religious groups is how to make the message of God germane to our society.  I understand the challenge of getting people interested in the message of God, but when we begin to focus on God’s relevance to the world we may be missing a major point.  You see, God doesn’t need to prove His place in our lives … this is God’s world, it is our job to be pleasing to Him.  A person who refrains from living a spiritual life until its relevance is proven makes as mu…