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Thursday; December 13

The other morning I happened to look up during one of the national television morning “news” shows and saw the title of the upcoming segment, “The Torture Of Dressing For Your Holiday Party”.  That title just floored me ... the “torture” of preparing a party?  Needless to say I didn’t watch the segment, but I did do a little more investigating and it seems this title appears to have come from an article from the New York Times.  I skimmed the article and I get the gist of what the columnist was trying to convey – but, I keep coming back to the title ... the “torture” of preparing for a party.  I realize that it may have been either tongue-in-cheek or a hyperbole; but, unfortunately, this mindset has crept into our society.  How many people feel “stressed” this time of year?  Why?  We are stressed because we are so well liked that we have to attend several holiday parties ... we are stressed because we have to decide how much food we need to prepare to feed a dozen people on …