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Friday; August 4

Why do you love your spouse?  Why do you love your children?  These are interesting questions because I don’t know there is a logical answer to them.  We might be able to describe some things about their personalities that we like or some things they do for us that make us feel good, but is that really why we love them?  If they stopped doing those things would we stop loving them?  No, love is much deeper than a reciprocation for the actions of others.  It is heartfelt; it maybe illogical; it is a choice we make that is not based upon circumstances but on commitment. Why do we love God?  We might be in a better position to explain why we should love God than why we love the frail humans in our lives (including the fact that He first loved us), but when get down to the core of the matter it is because we choose to love Him.  We take Him at His word and accept Him unconditionally as the God.  We don’t over-analyze His commands or His blessings – we just love Him.  We don’t wonder about …