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Tuesday; May 7

Having spent much of the last twenty-five years in and around public service I have come to realize there are a lot of wonderful people who have been willing to sacrifice financial gain and public praise to make a difference in our communities.  One of the most underrated segments of this population is correctional officers.  These men and women spend most of their careers – not just outside the spotlight, but for the most part out of the public’s eye.  It seems like the only time anyone recognizes them is when one of them does something egregious ... but, at least for a day I would like to try to reverse that trend.  This is National Corrections Officers Week – a time originally set aside by President Reagan to honor those people who invest their lives in keeping our people safe – not just those on the “outside”, but those within the penal system as well.  They serve as guards to and for the inmates, but they are so much more.  They are teachers, mentors, role-models and the foundati…