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Friday; January 4

There is a movement in today’s world that attempts to discount faith.It’s almost like everyone has moved to Missouri – “The Show Me State”.People proclaim that unless they can be logically convinced of something, they will not accept it.Well, while some might profess that philosophy, it is neither true nor practical because we all live by some sort of faith.We have faith that the people traveling in the on-coming lane at 55 mph will obey the traffic laws (or at least stay in their own lane of traffic).We have faith that the cookin our local eatery has practiced adequate hygiene and will prepare our food without adding something harmful to it.We have faith that the diploma in our doctor’s office is real and that she actually paid attention in class when they were taught how to do surgery.While proof can be comforting, human beings have to accept some things merely on the basis of faith. Have you ever pondered why it is that when it comes to our spiritual lives that so many people demand…