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Wednesday; November 8

As we begin to think about the holiday buying season there are a few phrases that we will soon be seeing.  Of course the one we look for the most is “on sale”, but there is something almost as intriguing – “free gift with purchase”.  I have become a bit jaded to this sales ploy because, often, the promised gift isn’t anything that really interests me, but those words still get my attention. Have you ever thought about the application of the “free gift with purchase” when it comes to spiritual living?  Now, first, I need to define this concept of “purchase”.  While we have been “purchased” by God through the sacrifice of His Son, when it comes to our response we have the opportunity to participate in a buy-in.  We can buy-in to what God is willing to do for us.  We can invest ourselves into His plan.  We can be “all in” when it comes to accepting Him as Lord of our lives and committed to obeying His will.  Now that we have identified our purchase, what is our free gift – salvation.  We …