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Tuesday, July 11

As I was driving to church last Sunday morning I heard a bluegrass song that really struck me.  I think the name of the group was the NewFound Road and the name of the song was “I Need You Lord”.  The thing that touched me was the sentiment of the chorus that said, “You can make it without me, Lord, but I can’t make it without You.”.  As I thought about this concept I reflected on all the different ways that we seem to express our indispensableness to God.  We say thinks like “I am in the Lord’s Army” or “I am an ambassador for the Lord.”.  We proclaim that our church is “On fire for the Lord” or that we are “Doing great things for the cause of Christ.”  While I am sure God is pleased when we are faithful to Him the truth is that He doesn’t need us to accomplish His will.  Sure, it is great to be on His team, but if He chose to do so He could send ten thousand angels to do the work we are doing.  God doesn’t need us; however, we do need Him.  Without Him, our lives are futile and mean…