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Wednesday; March 20

Today is a somber day for our community.  One year ago, we experienced a fatal school shooting.  While our experience may not have risen to the level of others, it did have an impact on us.  As I reflect on our first anniversary, a few things come to mind: 1).  There may be people in our community who are struggling, but we may never know it.  How often have you heard someone comment following a tragedy, “I would have never expected them to do anything like that!”?  We will never know everything in everyone’s mind, but let’s make it a point to check in on people we know might be struggling.  We might be able to make a big difference by a simple show of concern. 2).  Violence can produce “collateral damage”.  Just because we are not directly involved in explosive situations doesn’t mean that we are safe.  With this in mind, we should ALL be working together to make our communities safer places to live.  Public safety is not just a concern for politicians, law enforcement, school and the …