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Wednesday; August 2

The other day I was reading an article from a secular media outlet about how there had been a downturn in the number of people who believed in creationism.  I don’t recall the numbers, but the essence of the article was two-fold:  fewer people (even Christians) believe in a Bible-only version of creation and, if the Christianity is going to be successful it needs to acknowledge the value of science in explaining things like creation.  My goal is not to challenge that author’s number or even debate his premise, rather I merely want to ask the question – What happened to faith?  Often, when we use the word “faith” we are referring to a system of doctrines that outline our religion, but there is another side to faith.  Faith is believing in what we cannot see and what we cannot explain using human reason.  Faith, in Christianity, is accepting God at His word whether it can verified by science and history or not.  The bottom line when it comes to worshiping an invisible and All-…