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Wednesday; January 3

Over the past few years a lot of attention has been drawn to social injustices … and, often, in response, someone else has raised a flag on another side of the issues.  To me, the most poignant might be “The Black Lives Matter” movement which was met by the “The Blue Lives Matter” slogans.  On one hand, some people wanted to bring attention to racial equality, then others felt compelled to highlight another segment of the population – the dangers faced by law enforcement officers.  Somewhere in the middle an “All Lives Matter” mantra was born. As I look back at this volatile situation in our country I am drawn to something pretty simplistic, a children’s song that I grew up singing.  I realize that the chorus of the song has recently come under some ridicule, but, in the song “Jesus Loves The Little Children” we are taught the lesson that God loves all of His children no matter if they are red, yellow, black or white.  For just a minute, let’s set aside the challenges of a song that wa…