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Thursday; September 14

I cannot imagine what it would be like to be a slave.  Most of us have grown up in a time when improving human rights has been at the forefront of the national (and international) debate.  No, we haven’t always gotten it right, but we are making progress from the days of yore when slavery wasn’t just allowed, it was advocated as a valid economic system.  This mindset existed well before our nation’s birth – in fact, it has been a part of the world since the first day one man exerted power over another.  The reason for this observation is not to discuss the pros and cons of slavery, rather it will be used to serve as the background for the value of Christianity.  You see, service to God transcends all times and all economies.  It is something that is just as valuable to the 1st Century slave as it is to the 21st Century entrepreneur.   When the Apostle Paul counseled the slaves of his day he reminded them of their responsibility to live a righteous life when he wrote, “Slaves, in all t…